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What is the difference between Mobility Budget and ummadum Points?

In the ummadum world there are two types of points. Mobility budget and ummadum points. Here we explain you the difference.

Mobility budget is a monthly points budget that is used to book rides, bike rides or walks.

After the activity, the mobility budget converts to ummdum points. ummadum points have a value of 1 cent per point and can be redeemed at everyday stores or exchanged for vouchers.

How many mobility points do I need for which activity and how many ummadum points do I get for what?

  Requirement Will Receive
Passengers 10 mobility points per km traveled

2 ummadum points per kilometer traveled

Drivers  -  8 ummadum points per km traveled
Cyclists  20 ummadum points per km  20 ummadum points per km
Walkers  30 ummadum points per km  30 ummadum points per km