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Become part of the ummadum community

Become part of the ummadum community
and get valuable points for
climate-friendly mobility,
or participate in challenges.

Here is how it works

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Step 1

Get the

When you open the ummadum app, you will see many communities already within the app. Find suitable communities from which you can receive a mobility budget.

Step 2


Look for rides or offer them with a car. You can also ride your bike or walk. In all 4 situations, you earn ummadum points for every kilometer you sustainably travel.
On top you collect environmental tickets for each bike ride and walk and participate at challenges.

Step 3


Here it gets exciting: you can redeem the collected points in all stores that accept ummadum points. Each point corresponds to 1 cent. Amazing, isn't it?

  • "At first I was skeptical about switching to a bike.
    In the meantime, I find it great that I can clear my head
    and do my sports program at the same time."
    Lisa, 32 - Commutes regularly by bike
  • "We ummadumers think quite similarly.
    You're not strangers for long,
    and good conversations often follow."
    Anna, 28 - Commutes regularly in a carpool
  • "It used to take me almost an hour to get to work
    because public transportation is irregular with many stops.
    With the carpool, I can get there in 20 minutes."
    Marion, 25 - Commutes regularly in a carpool
  • "After my morning run, I cycle to the office.
    Then I treat myself to a coffee with the points I've collected."
    Manfred, 33 - Rides his bike to work almost every day
  • "I commute 20 km every day. By giving someone
    a ride three times a week, I save myself about
    40 euros a month. That already pays for itself."
    Tom, 42 - Regularly offers rides

    Download the App &
    Collect points!

    Watch out! Starting with january you have the opportunity to collect valuable ummadum points by taking part in challenges. Every bike ride, every walk and every shared ride counts.

    1. Open the ummadum app and go to the "Activity" tab

    2. Click the #dabei Challenge and under "Details & Qualification" you can find the conditions and details

    3. Cycle, walk or commute together and win ummadum points! The most dilligent users will be rewarded

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    Your Benefits at a Glance

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    Get the app & become part of your community!

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