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How long are my ummadum points valid?

Like vouchers, ummadum points are valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at our retail partners or exchanged for vouchers in the app at any time.

How long is my mobility budget valid?

You will always receive your monthly mobility budget at the beginning of the month. Unused mobility budget expires at the end of the month before the next spending period starts.

Where do I get my mobility budget?

From a community. This could be your employer, your municipality, or a company where you are a customer that wants to help motivate you to engage in active and sustainable mobility.

To receive your mobility budget you have to become a member of a community.

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What is a community and how can I connect to it?

Why am I no longer shown connections with public transport?

This feature has been temporarily suspended, but will be reactivated soon.

How do I know when I will be picked up as a passenger?

Approximately 1 hour before the ride starts, the carpool members receive a push message as a reminder of the upcoming ride. As soon as the ride is started by the driver, the carpool members will be notified.

If you have shared your location, you can also see each other on the map.

Why can't I purchase a mobility budget in the app?

This feature has been temporarily suspended, but will be reactivated soon. Have you looked to see if there is a community that suits your needs to get a mobility budget?

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What is a community and how can I connect to it?

Is there a fee to use ummadum?

The use of the ummadum app is free of charge for users. Environmental partners (municipalities and companies) purchase mobility budgets from ummadum and make them available to users on a monthly basis. For this purpose the user has to join the community of the respective environmental partner.

In the future, it will also be possible to purchase a mobility budget directly in the ummadum app.

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Why can't I purchase a mobility budget within the app?
What is a community and how can I connect to it?

My advantages

Whether by bike, on foot or in a carpool: ummadum rewards you for every sustainably traveled kilometer with points that you can redeem at our retail partners.

Track your positive effect on the environment: With ummadum you save 169g CO2 per kilometer traveled - compared to a 1-person car trip.

Automatic termination of the activity

When cycling or walking, your activity will automatically stop when you reach your destination. To do this, you need to set your location shares to "always". Please note: This feature is available for Android version 11 and higher.

For ridesharing, it is necessary to start and end the ride manually. Only then your ride is valid and can be rewarded.

Where can I redeem my points?

ummadum offers you numerous redemption options for your points.
Note that the redemption of points for vouchers is only possible from a sum of 10€ Euro.

Please inform yourself HERE about the possibilities.

What is a community and how can I connect to it?

Environmental partners of ummadum, e.g. municipalities and companies, form their own community. The members of a community receive a monthly mobility budget for climate-friendly mobility - to cycle, to walk or carpool. In the community description you can read which mobility types the respective community supports and who can join this community.

Find a community:

  • Open the app and select "Communities."
  • Scroll through the list or search specifically for your community
  • If you already have a code or QR code, you can connect directly to the community. You can get the code from your employer, the company or the municipality that is an environmental partner of ummadum.

A user can be a member of several communities, but only of one community.

How do I get ummadum points?

If you use your mobility bduget for sustainable mobility, the mobility budget is converted into ummadum points after a successfully completed activity, which you can redeem at regional retailers or with vouchers at Spar, Hervis and OMV.
You can pay for your purchase at the local retailer with ummadum points partly or completely, depending on how many points you have already collected.
1 point = 1 cent

What is the difference between Mobility Budget and ummadum Points?

In the ummadum world there are two types of points. Mobility budget and ummadum points. Here we explain you the difference.

Mobility budget is a monthly points budget that is used to book rides, bike rides or walks.

After the activity, the mobility budget converts to ummdum points. ummadum points have a value of 1 cent per point and can be redeemed at everyday stores or exchanged for vouchers.

How many mobility points do I need for which activity and how many ummadum points do I get for what?

  Requirement Will Receive
Passengers 10 mobility points per km traveled

2 ummadum points per kilometer traveled

Drivers  -  8 ummadum points per km traveled
Cyclists  20 ummadum points per km  20 ummadum points per km
Walkers  30 ummadum points per km  30 ummadum points per km

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