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How communities can benefit as environmental partners

Promoting & rewarding climate-friendly mobility
pays off. Find out more here.

How it works

Illustration Ummadum
Step 1

Create a community

Become an environmental partner and create a community.

Step 2

Reward sustainable mobility

Set a monthly mobility budget for citizens to reward sustainable mobility. Start a challenge and boost motivation.

Step 3

Know and
communicate effects

With the environmental partner portal, always keep track of how much CO2 can be saved.

Each point contains a CO2 saving of 17g.

How Communities can benefit

Know the effects

Always know how much CO2 has been saved while making an active contribution to climate protection, a healthier environment and people.

More Mobility

Offer citizens an expanded range of mobility options and helps promote active mobility. Manage traffic flows in a targeted manner and relieve the burden on infrastructure.

Save costs

Less traffic means fewer cars and more space for other projects in public areas. In the long term, this also saves costs for more parking spaces.

Strengthen the region

From region to region, ummadum points can be redeemed with local partners. This promotes value in your area.


    "We want to reduce the amount of traffic in the community and increase the quality of life for the residents*. ummadum offers an innovative and forward-looking solution for this."

    Marktgemeinde Wattens


    "A quarter of the CO2 emissions in our region are caused by traffic. It is necessary to adopt a new mobility behavior. ummadum should not be missing in any climate-friendly mobility concept of the future."

    KEM Alpbachtal


    "We see many benefits: For the city, because we reduce traffic and save parking spaces. For commuters in and out of the city, who can earn and redeem points. For our economy, where the points are redeemed."

    City of Schwaz


    "ummadum combines a world-class app with regional ecosystems that include local communities, businesses and commuters. Its success has to do with its ability to engage people while collaborating with a local community and the digital age."

    Prof. Sebastian Kummer, Head of Institute of Transport and Logistics at the Jilin University and the WU Vienna

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