ummadum supports your company to reduce traffic. Less traffic means less CO2 and harmful emissions. 

Your company provides ummadum points to your employees digital with the ummadum portal.

Employees can use the provided points to drive together.

This is how your company motivates and promotes the idea of driving together.

Benefits for companies

Using ummadum offers companies lots of benefits, amongst others:

Einsparung von Parkplätzen

Savings of parking lots

Increased ride sharing means less parking lots at and around the company premises are needed.

Dokumentierte CO2-Einsparung

Documented economy of CO2

Provided points also mean CO2 savings. In the ummadum portal you see all relevant numbers. In addition we send you regular reports with current numbers.

Attraktivität des Unternehmens steigt

Company gets more attractive

According to better acessibility of the company the appeal of the company location rises.

Erweiterung des Mobilitätsangebots

Expansion of mobility offer

Next to public transport, cycling or walking ummadum is an additional option to reach your destination easy and environmentally friendly.

Stärkung des Teams

Strengthen the team

Driving together supports team spirit and improves the working climate.


Reducing costs

ummadum helps to reducs costs for rent, maintenance and expansion of company parking lots.

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