ummadum combines a carpool with a points system that rewards driving together. You can be a driver, a passenger or, depending on your needs, both.

With the ummadum app, drivers and passengers are rewarded at the same time. You can then easily redeem the points you have collected from our partners. Of course, there are other advantages: 

You are insured with the VAV for every shared mile you share. This doesn't only save you time and money, but you are always safe on the go 

Incidentally, you reduce traffic, protect the environment and support your local retailer. 

Benefits for ummadum-users

Using ummadum as a user offers you a lot of benefits, amongst others:

Kosten reduzieren

Reduce costs

Driving together reduces costs for drivers and passengers.

Erweitertes Mobilitätsangebot

Expansion of mobility offer

ummadum is an additional option to reach your destination.

Verkehr reduzieren

Reduce traffic

Driving together means less cars on the streets and more free parking lots.

Regionalen Handel unterstützen

Support local stores

Collected points can be redeemed at local stores.

Soziales Miteinander

Social aspect

Driving together is much more fun!

Klima schonen

Protect climate

Together we reduce the output of CO2 and harmful emissions.

VAV Versicherung


With the ummadum app, you are automatically insured for each trip together

Punkte für alle

Rewarding everyone

At ummadum not only drivers are rewarded, but also passengers

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