If you are looking for help, you can use the ummadum app to find a helping hand. Whether it is about running errands or walking your dog.

On the start screen, select "search help ride" and enter the address to which your goods should be delivered to. If you tap the location icon to the right-hand side of the input field, your location will be automatically found. Alternatively, you can enter the address manually, select it on the map or choose one of your saved locations. In the menu, you can set fixed points, such as your home address or your work address, under "My places" by default. These are displayed when you enter your desired route to make your selection easier. If you want to know more about this, please read the FAQs "How can I set my places?”. In the "Search for a ride" view you can specify when you are looking for help by entering the date and time. Confirm with "Search". Well done! You have successfully looked for help! In the next screen "Help ride" you will see all the help rides that are offered within a radius of 10 km. You have the option of contacting your helper via "call user", "send SMS" or "Send confirmation email". If you choose to send the confirmation email, you will provide your helper with your contact details. This is necessary in order for your helper to get in contact with you, to know where the delivery is going and to agree with you on the payment modalities. You can also include your shopping list or other things that you might need. For example, taking a walk with your dog. As an alternative to the confirmation email, you can also exchange this information by phone or SMS. Please make sure that you keep the recommended safety distance of at least one meter, do not shake hands and, if possible, avoid personal contact altogether

If your helper is not available immediately, please try again or contact a different helper.

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