When starting the app, you have two options: Offer and search for a “help ride” or offer and search for ridesharing.

You want to offer help? Select “share help ride” on the home screen and enter the route you are planning. If you have fixed addresses (home, work etc.) you can save those with “My places”. These locations will then be displayed to you when planning your trip. If you want to learn more, please navigate to “How can I set my places?”. Alternatively, just enter the details of your ride or choose them on the map.

If someone is looking for your help, you'll get a notification in the app. You can find an overview of your notifications in the lower menu bar under the bell symbol "alerts". With new notifications, a red dot is shown next to the bell. The notification is intended for you as a preliminary information that you could soon be contacted by text message, phone or email. You can only get in touch with the person seeking help after she or he has contacted you for the first time.

By clicking "next step" you see the overview of your planned trips. Swipe left to see the other scheduled trips. If all entries are correct, confirm with "publish". Well done! You have successfully shared your ride! People in your area who need your help can now see your “help ride” trip and can ask for your support.

If your helper is not available immediately, please try again or contact a different helper.

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